Camo is the New Fashion

8500mAh Battery  |  64MP Rear Camera

Camo Style  |  12GB RAM + 256GB ROM

MediaTek Helio G99

Make A Showy Display

Immense in the Camo Aesthetic

Unique, stylish and classy appearance is just the beginning.

The Strength Underneath Chicness

Toughness is the Precise Word to Describe the WP27.

IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-G810H. Standard code for waterproof, dust-proof, and shatter resistance. We would like you to leave your office and go wild with this magnificent companion. Conquer the ocean, step on the snow mountain, ride on the desert as you wish!

MediaTek Helio G99

Meet the Cutting-edge Octa-core Processor.

WP27 is powered by MediaTek Helio G99 octa-core processor with immense power to satisfy all your needs not matter at work or in games.

12GB RAM + 256GB ROM

Expandable up to 24GB RAM and 2TB ROM

With 12GB RAM, multitasking is a breeze. And the 256GB ROM provides ample storage for your files, apps, and media, accommodating up to over 52,000 songs and 512 movies. Moreover, you can upgrade to a massive 24GB RAM and 2TB ROM for more flexibility and storage capacity.

8500mAh Battery

Fly, Go Touch the Sky.

This will be more than enough to sustain 2 days of normal usage. Switching your life between business and entertainment without hesitation, without fear.

Embrace the Charm of Big Screen

6.8-inch FHD+, Big Enough to Support Your Ambition.

WP27 presents a 6.8-inch display screen in FHD+ high resolution, giving you an exquisite eyes experience all the time. Release your inner beast, reach everywhere. This is very ambitious!

Like A Flash

120Hz Refresh Rate on Rugged Phone

Turn on the screen, swipe down some of your big projects without lagging time. Letting nobody stop you from your imagination or creation.

The Force Of Eyes

Best Combination of Being in Charge

We have got 64MP AI main camera, 20MP IR Night-vision camera, 2MP macro camera, 16MP front selfie camera. All in one.

Owls Eyes IR Night-vision

Be the Predator or be Protected.

WP27 is armed with the most powerful IR Night-vision function in 20MP super clear vision ability. The upgraded 4 Infrared Radiation Emitters greatly expand the visual range up to 20 meters. Adjust-able IR Intensity provides a clearer view in the pitch-black area.

Goodnight, Have a Safe Night.

20MP Night-vision function is the most powerful protection

When you are camping outdoor, be aware of your surrounding area. The WP27 offers a powerful clear Night-vision mode which you can do your best to avoid dangerous creatures in order to protect yourself. Please do not attempt to hunt down wildlife if it is not necessary.

Enlighten The Idea Of Live-action

64MP is "Crystal Clear", 4K Recording is Artwork.

WP27 presents a vivid 64 million "Mega"-pixel resolution, making all your 4K materials close to reality.

Be The Bravest One

Try the newest function of Selfie Panorama

Android 13

Best and Smooth Experience Ever

Most-friendly interface and tons of fun waiting for you to discover.

Beep, Buying Has Done

NFC is also on board, keeping your purchase simple.

Stay Connected, Stay Global

Embark on Your Exploration with 4G Network.

With our 4G global network support, you can stay connected to the world no matter where you go and enjoy seamless communication and access to information while exploring the globe.





All Things Matter

Extreme Mode

Greatly expands the battery usage by switching into the extreme mode, pushing the limit, and enhance the survival chance of dangerous outdoor activities.

Face ID

Quick access does matter, but freeing your hands matters even more.

Custom Key

Default SOS long-press setting is necessary in case of some trouble that you encounter.Also, you can run some apps by setting them into single or double-tapping.

OTG Support

Incredibly convenient tech that helps you prevent other devices from running out of battery.

Global Navigation

GPS + Glonass + Beidou + Galileo=GNSS. Remember,these are your reliable friends when you challenge nature.

Dark Theme/Night Light

Adjust the brightness and protect your eyes in the dark. Critical and essential.