Portable Power Stations


The increase of power outages globally caused by those natural disasters could lead to massive losses. In many countries, there is a rise in the adoption of backup power today.

Based on the rich experience in battery research and development,Oukitel has designed the P series portable power station for the home blackout, workshop, and camping.With the advantages of battery capacity, AC output power and safety,P series can always
meet all your power needs!

OUKITEL Abearl P5000 Portable Power
Station 2200W/5120Wh

Oukitel Abearl P5000 is the ultimate power solution for your outdoor adventures, workshops, and emergency situations. Equipped with a cutting-edge 5120Wh LiFePO4 battery pack and a 2200W pure sine wave AC inverter, this top-of-the-line power station provides you with the energy you need for your entire event, family camping trips, cabin workshops, or even powering your entire home for a day or two during unforeseen power outages.

US$3599.00  US$4399.00

OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power
Station | 2000W/2000Wh


OUKITEL CN505 Portable Power
Station | 614Wh

US$299.00  US$499.00

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OUKITEL P501E Portable Power
Station | 505Wh(EU)

EU€259.00  EU€599.00

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OUKITEL P2001 + 200W
Portable Solar Panel

US$1399.00  US$1999.00

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OUKITEL P2001E + 200W
Portable Solar Panel

EU€1599.00  €2299.00

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Home Battery Backup

US$1250.00  US$1899.00

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Green Power

What if you could have a use-anywhere portable power station that contributes to reducing carbon emissions, and works as sustainable energy? Oukitel Power Station that covers your power requirements in the safest, greenest, and most efficient way!