3 Best Portable Home backup Power Stations in 2022


The increase of power outages globally caused by those natural disasters could lead to massive losses. In many countries, there is a rise in the adoption of backup power today. The benefits from the battery-powered generator can be commonly recognized in environment protection and maintenance costs.

Therefore, it is difficult to choose the right power station for your home blackout, workshop, and camping. It could be wise to consider battery capacity, AC output power and safety when you decide to make a purchase!

P2001 Detail and Specs

√ Best choice for off-grid

● 2000Wh Portable Power Station

● You can recharging it by standard wall oulet, solar panels and car charger

● Super-fast recharge: 0-100% battery, 1.8H. Best time saver and always on the go

● 2000W AC Output, Surge up to 4000W: Power 99% of your electronic devices such as TV, microwave, fridge, bench grinder and electric saw

● Best power for power outage, workshop and camping

● UPS: Non-damage from power outage on your fragile products such as computer and CPAP

● BMS: keep battery charging and discharging safely

● LiFePo4 battery: safety and years of use

● Great Value at Best Price

CN505 Details and Specs

● 614Wh Power Station

● LiFePo4 battery: 10-year usage life and safety

● 500W AC Output, Surge up to 1000W: power most of outdoor electrical appliances

● Eco-friendly battery

● Best solution for your camping power needs

P501 Details and Specs

● 500Wh Portable Power Station

● 500W AC Output: power your smartphones, laptop, oven, mini refrigerator and more

● 10 versatile output ports

● The Sine Wave Output

● Ternary lithium battery

● Greatest Value!