11 Best Smart Kids APPs To Keep You Learning

Oukitel RT3 Rugged Tablet

Nowadays, tablets have become pretty big part of our lives. We don't remember the last time we spent a day without one. Everyone is always talking about how children should not be allowed to have access to tablets at an early age. But sometimes parents need a break. And because of that they need to give their child the tablet.
Now, if parents are choosing to let their kids play on tablets anyway, why not pick an app that will teach their child while they are playing? This way you can ensure that your child is not causing any problems while still learning important skills.
Children are always going to be curious. And the best way to make the most of that curiosity is by letting them play games that will test their development. Using smart kid apps, parents can make the most of this curiosity in the best way possible.
But before we get into what apps to choose let’s look at what makes the app suitable for kids.

What To Look For When Choosing APPs

The App Should Focus On Providing A Learning Experience

When you are choosing an app, you must ensure that the app is going to make your child think. Whether this is done through math or making links is up to you.

No Distractions

As a child, getting distracted is pretty easy. In fact, it is also pretty easy for us, adults, to get distracted. How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram when you had to finish your work? So, make sure that the game you pick does not come with any distractions. Sometimes, you might need to pay for that.

Learning Knowledge That Can Be Used

When picking an app for your child, you need to look out for the kind of knowledge that they are getting. Can they actually use what they are learning? Will it help them in the real world? Those are the questions you need to answer.

Now that we’ve established what makes an app useful for your child, let’s look at the 11 best smart kids apps:

1. Best App For Learning: Khan Academy Kids

It goes without saying that Khan Academy is one of the best educational apps in the world for children of all ages. With hundreds of free courses on every subject possible, this app is the best educational platform for your child.
Khan Academy Kids is designed to help every child in their own way. Its designed to help kids like an actual teacher. Your child is bad at history? Don't worry: Khan Academy will take it slower to make sure that you child understands.

2. Best App For Reading: Epic!

Epic! Is an e-book app that has thousands of kids books available. Children are always going to prefer their tablets over books. That is why you barely ever see a child with a book nowadays. So, why not bring the book to their tablets?
Your child is still learning how to read? That’s okay! This problem can easily be solved with the text-to-speech option for children who are still learning how to read.

3. Best Educational Gaming App: ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast

We talked about apps that will make your child think and this is an app that does just that! Let your children join Amanda and Otto as they complete problems through fun and easy puzzles. And once your kid is tired of playing, they can just switch over to cartoons available inside the app!

4. Best App For Emotional Growth: Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings

There is nothing more important in today’s world than being able to express your feelings. That is where this app shines amongst the others. Allow your kids to join Daniel Tiger on a journey of understanding emotions and how to deal with them. Through fun animations and games, Daniel Tiger and his friends provide examples where your child can learn more about expressing their emotions healthily.

5. Best App For Preschoolers: Nick Jr.

We all remember watching Nickelodeon on the TV when we were young. Now, your child does not need that! Instead, they can put on their favourite shows at any time they want.
The Nick Jr. App also comes with a variety of engaging games that children can play with their favourite characters. Parents should note that some of the features will need your cable provider’s information. Apart from that, the app can still be enjoyed through its episodes and games.

6. Best App To Learn Math: Quick Math Jr.

Math is one of the most important life skills that a child will need, especially in today’s world. We all know that math can get a little boring. However, with this app, your child will think otherwise!
Quick Math Jr. comes with 12 games that focus on the basics of mathematical concepts. Its fun and interactive animations ensure that your kids will stay engaged. Moreover, to answer the questions in game, your child will have to write it on the screen. This also helps them work on their handwriting!

7. Best App For Highschoolers: Duolingo

Duolingo has become super famous over the last couple of months. Your child is capable of doing a lot once you provide them with fun activities. Duolingo knows that better than anyone!
Through this app, your children can learn a whole new language! Now, this app is meant for preferably kids over the age of 10. It comes with several features such as identifying words and oral games which is an amazing way of keeping your child’s language skills sharp.

8. Best App For Problem Solving: DragonBox Big Numbers

Let’s bring the apps back to math. In DragonBox Big Numbers, your child will be playing in a world of Nooms. By solving math problems, your child will be able to progress and unlock new places. This game also teaches your child to count in many different languages!

9. Best App To Inspire Your Kids: Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats

One of the most important things your child needs is inspiration. Give them opportunities to make things on their own and to help people. Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats focuses on providing these experiences to them!
Your child will follow Kalley as she explains parts of a machine that she has created. Furthermore, the game allows your kids to interact with Kalley through cooking or colour theory minigames to explain several concepts.

10. Best App For Many Ages: SplashLearn

SplashLearn is an entertaining platform made for kids to practice and learn math alongside the English language. This app is designed to provide lessons starting from kindergarten all the way to grade five.
Through personalized minigames, the app makes use of innovative graphics and animations to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. The app also comes with its own tracker that allows parents to check up on their child’s progress.

11. Best App For Communication: ClassDojo

Lastly, we have ClassDojo. Education does not just stop at practicing math and studying concepts. It goes much further. A huge part of education is communication and that is why ClassDojo is a perfect app to choose. The app is made to appeal to kids with their cute little monster animations and decorations.
Created to make studying fun and engaging, this app is like its very own school website. It comes with assignment tabs, project sections and even class activities. These can be accessed and tracked by school teachers and parents allowing for quick communication between all parties.

Where To Start Downloading These APPs

Now that we have shared the best apps we could find, the next step is to tell you about which device you can use them on. In today’s world, investing in Samsung or Apple devices is almost impossible with their super high prices. So, several parents are in search for a newer and cheaper option. And that’s why we went looking for one!
And that is when we came across the Oukitel RT3 Rugged Tablet. At first glance, the tablet does not look that different from others. However, when we took a look at its features, we were very impressed. Trust us: You would be too!


Oukitel RT3 Rugged Tablet

The tablet comes with a massive 5150 mAH battery that promises to stay with you for a whole day without having to be charged. That’s right --- 24 hours! Moreover, the RT3 comes with 64GB of internal space and 4GB RAM which is bound to deliver a smooth experience.
Moreover, the tablet is powered by latest Android software. After all, if it was not, we wouldn’t have mentioned it here. Because where would you be able to use the apps we talked about?
The tablet also boasts an 8 inch HD+ display which will let your child enjoy the apps mentioned above without facing any problems. Its clear display ensures that every detail you come across on the apps comes to life.


Oukitel RT8 Rugged Tablet

The Oukitel RT3 also does a great job at keeping up with the latest tablet technology. After all, no one is planning on getting a tablet that does not offer the basic features that you would expect, right? We’re talking about the face and fingerprint scanner. Its facial and fingerprint recognition features are some of the fastest we have ever seen.
Now, the tablet is not just for kids to enjoy their apps. It is also to be used by the parents! And they can capture the best memories and stunning pictures using the RT3’s 16MP back camera. Lightning conditions will not be a problem when it comes to this tablet’s camera.


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