7 Best Tablets For Writing: Unleashing Your Creativity


The days of taking your notebook and a pen to make some notes is very far behind us. It is safe to say AI has taken over and substituted almost all of the things we used to do by hand. And writing falls into that category.
It started off with typewriters, then came the keyboards, and nowadays we have tablets. The act of writing has grown far beyond simple pen and paper. And if you are on the go, keeping a notebook and pens is just not going to work out.
Considering the world’s shift towards environmentally friendly systems, it was only a matter of time before we saw our notebooks being replaced. And if you ask us: It is a lot easier to keep a tablet in our hands rather than books. Especially because it is easier to write on them!
From annotating to inserting diagrams and switching pages, using a writing tablet is just so much more efficient! However, you cannot just pick out any tablet to write on. Some tablets just aren’t made for writing.
But you do not need to look any longer. We have done all the hard work for you. And we have found the right tablets that will transform your writing output.
Before we list down the 7 best tablets for writing, let’s talk about the things you should look out for before you choose a tablet.

Factors To Consider Before Picking Your Writing Tablet

When you start looking for writing tablets, you will find a whole lot of options. Does that mean they are all good choices? Of course not! With the tablets in this list, you will not have to worry about that.
We compared the tablets with some pivotal points that must be looked into before selecting the perfect tablet. Here are the factors we considered:

Input Options

When we talk about writing tablets, the versatility of input methods is very important. Not every writer prefers a stylus or pen for handwritten notes; some also prefer using keyboards. It all changes from one writer to the next.
We have taken that into consideration to ensure that each writer’s needs are met.

Size of Screen

The next feature we have taken into consideration is the screen size. Do you want smaller screens to bring greater focus to one section? Or would you like a larger tablet to be able to multitask?
These are the questions that writers will need to answer for themselves.

Operating Systems

Before you can pick a tablet to buy, you need to choose the brand --- or more specifically, the operating system that runs in your tablet. After all, this determines which apps and tools you can use.
Picking iOS over Android will have its good and bad things and vice versa. In the end, software compatibility ensures that you can easily manage your projects across different devices.

Battery Life

If you are a writer who always enjoys writing in cafes or finds inspiration while you are on the go, then battery life is important. Don’t you think the recharge reminder popping up every few hours is super distracting?
That is why we have focused on finding long-lasting battery lives to ensure that you can work at any time you want. This way, you can balance battery life with tablets that you can carry everywhere.

Storage Capacity

As a writer, having ample storage is super important. You never want to start a project off only to find out that you cannot finish it because you have run out of space. So, before you pick a tablet for yourself, make sure it has enough space for all your projects. Moreover, it should also have the option to add an SD card if needed.

Easy Connectivity

The final factor that we focused on is how easy it is for the tablets to connect --- Connect to the internet and connect to your external devices. This will make sure that you work without having to worry about saving your documents online. After all, why would anyone want a tablet that does not connect to your stylus properly?

1 – Best Notebook-Like Writing Tablet --- reMarkable 2

The reMarkable 2 is one of the best writing tablets you can get your hands on. For people who do not want to let the old fashioned pen and paper tradition die, this tablet emulates that experience very well.
The reMarkable 2 is the closest thing you will find to a notebook. After all, that’s what it was designed after.
Right off the bat, this tablet makes note writing its utmost priority. Usually, with tablets you expect to have games and social media apps, too. And because of that you are bound to bombarded with distracting notifications every now and then. But with the reMarkable 2, you can wave that problem goodbye!
Unfortunately, a tablet as good as this cannot be perfect. With the reMarkable 2, you can get up to 8 GB of space for all your projects. This may not be a lot, but they make up for it with their slim and light design. In fact, the tablet weighs just around 1 pound which makes it super easy to carry around wherever you want.

• Feels like you are writing on paper.
• Provides a distraction-free environment.
• Very light and easy to carry around.
• Fully integrated with major cloud storages like Google.

• Limited internal storage capacity.
• Does not have a built-in backlight, making it harder to see in low-light areas.

2 – Best Writing Tablet for Battery Life --- Oukitel RT7 Rugged Tablet

Next up, we have the Oukitel RT7. If you are someone who is always on the go, who finds inspiration while moving around, then this is the tablet for you. This tablet the longest battery life amongst any tablet in this list with a whopping 180 days of standby time!

OUKITEL RT7 Longest Battery

If you ask us, this is one of the best tablets to invest in. It comes with a huge 10.1 inch screen offering a comfortable writing experience for all writers. Moreover, the screen and the tablet are designed to survive challenging environments with the help of the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protector.
Need a lot of space because of the projects you have? No problem! The RT7 comes with a base 256GB of internal space which can then be upgraded to a maximum 1 TB. Best believe you will not have to worry about space.
What we thought was a very good addition to this device was the reverse charging option. Do not have access to a charging port to charge your phone? Just plug it into the RT7 and it will act as your power bank!

• Exceptional battery life with 180 days of standby time.
• Designed to survive harsh conditions with MIL-STD-810H, IP68, and IP69K certifications.
• Can act as a power bank.
• Huge 10.1-inch display screen.
• Ample internal space for all your projects.

• Heavier than other tablets due to its rugged design.
• No fingerprint sensor.
• Limited availability outside US, EU or UK.

3 – Best Reading and Writing Tablet --- Amazon Kindle Scribe

If you need access to books while you are working, then the Kindle Scribe is the number one option. The tablet comes with a gigantic 10.2 inch E-Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen display which is bound to provide a crystal clear reading experience. It is just like looking at paper!
The Kindle Scribe comes with 32 GB of internal space and is powered by a Linux-based operating system. Because of that there is a good balance between performance and capacity, allowing writers to have a smooth experience.
One of the things we expected from the Kindle was its integrated light. And it did not disappoint! No matter the lighting conditions you are in, you are always going to have a clear view of the screen without any strain on the eyes.
The best part about the Kindle Scribe? It comes with its very own magnetic stylus. Not using the pen at any point? Just clip it to the side! The magnetic stylus will attach itself to the side to stay right out of your way.

• Simpler user friendly interface.
• Comes with its very own magnetic stylus.
• Huge screen and integrated light allowing for maximum visibility.
• Can be integrated with Microsoft Office.

• Space may not be enough for some writers.
• Only suited to reading and writing.

4 – Best For On The Go Writers --- Ratta Supernote Nomad

The Ratta Supernote Nomad is perfect for writers who want a light tablet that they can carry around everywhere. A smaller size does not mean you are losing out on performance.
The Supernote Nomad is bound to fit anywhere you want it to. For its small size, the tablet still features a pretty big 7.8 inch display screen with a 1404 x 1872 resolution. That left us surprised, too!
You will not have to worry about charging this tablet too often. It features a 2700 mAh battery which will take writers a long way. Another big positive about this tablet is that it supports multiple different formats allowing users to work on any document they want.

• Integrated with multiple document formats.
• Internal Space can be upgraded to a maximum of 2 TB
• Very light and slim.

• Needs extra setup time.
• Lesser weight makes it feel flimsy.

5 – Best For Kids --- Lenovo Tab M11

Some kids may be aspiring writers however they do not know where to take their abilities. Investing in a Samsung or Apple is usually too costly and parents are not a fan of that. The Lenovo Tab M11 solves that problem for everyone!
This tablet is made specifically to meet the needs of kid writers with its limited features. Now, we know how it sounds. But trust us, limited features does not mean bad!
The M11 comes with a huge 10.1 inch screen with a 1900 x 1200 resolution. And with that, your child is never going to find screen size a problem. If you asked us this could pass as a mini laptop screen!

• Durable and designed to withstand falls.
• Lightweight and pretty easy to use.
• Comes with apps designed for kids.

• Cannot do complex tasks.
• Will not be able to run heavier apps.

6 – Best Android Writing Tablet --- Samsung Galaxy S9 FE

You can hardly ever go wrong with bigger brands like Samsung. And the Samsung Galaxy S9 FE is no exception to that.
The tablet features a large 10.9 inch screen which ensures that you will be able to multitask with zero problems. Its IP68 certification proves that the tablet can survive underwater and is also dust resistant. We would not suggest that you try and prove it, though. Just trust us on that!
With Samsung devices, many worry about how long it will survive. But that is not an issue with the Galaxy S9 FE! It promises to stay with you for up to a total of 18 hours. Want to know what pleasantly surprised us? It charges to 100% in just over an hour!
Space won't be an issue for you. You can simply just upgrade it to 1TB whenever you want!

• Comes with its own Stylus.
• Google integration allows for a lot of app options.

• Processor is not the best for heavy work.

7 – Best Apple Writing Tablet --- iPad Pro

No writing tablet list can ever be complete without the one and only Apple iPad. Just like Samsungs, you can hardly go wrong with an iPad.
The iPad Pro has one of the fastest response times amongst recent tablets. The cause of that? The newest M2 processor chip and the device's 8GB RAM! With this you will never have to worry about running heavy apps that require a lot of memory.
The iPad Pro does not come with a backlight. But to make up for that, you will get a True Tone and ProMotion system! With this, the colours on your screen are going to pop out like never before!

• Very fast and efficient.
• Huge 11-inch screen

• Lack of connectivity options.
• Does not come with the Apple Pencil.


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