The Different Types of Smartwatches


Watches are no longer that simple creation which used to only tell you the time. Nowadays, they can do so much more! The best way to think of your smartwatch is to picture it as a mini computer.
Do you remember your favourite childhood spies using their next level watches to do anything they want? From talking to people on the go and using them to catch bad guys, the smartwatches were capable of so much!
Now, you are not going to find a smartwatch that can fire lasers but they can still take you a very long way.
Today, smartwatches are not just about telling time and looking good; they are used to make your life more efficient. With various features available nowadays, you can keep track of several things ranging from your health to work.
But the simple digital smartwatches are not the only device you are going to find. In this article, we will talk about several different types of smartwatches and how each of them differ from the other.
So, let’s get into it!

Traditional Smartwatches

When we talk about old school smartwatches, we are referring to the notification hubs on your hand. When you first lay your eyes on a traditional smartwatch, it is not going to look any different from your old analogue watches. However, once you pay close attention to it, you will actually see that there is a display screen present.


Oukitel BT30


Through this screen you can access your messages and other app notifications whenever you want.
These watches come with a variety of features: Fitness trackers, maps, messages and calls are just a few of those. Usually, you can also connect your Wi-Fi signal or Bluetooth to these watches.
What is even cooler about these watches is that you can link your mobile to them. This way you can synchronize the data on your phone and access it just by looking at your wrist!

Pro-Fitness Smartwatches

Have you ever taken a close look at someone jogging around the park or on the treadmill? You will notice that these people are almost always going to be wearing a watch. Those watches are known as sport smartwatches. We are sure you have heard of terms like Fitbit. That is the kind of watch we are talking about.



These fitness smartwatches focus less on your messages and calls. Instead, they are designed to track and monitor your health and fitness goals. From counting the number of steps you take everyday to keeping track of your heart rate and blood pressure levels, these watches are an athlete’s first choice.
Sports watches are not going to just keep track of your health. You can also set goals and look for guidance with the help of these devices.
If you are a pro-fitness follower looking to add a smartwatch to your catalogue, these are the best picks for you. With a sports smartwatch, you can get super accurate health monitoring services which will help you excel.

Hybrid Smartwatches

Just like the name suggests, these watches combine old school analogue watches with modern technology. Unlike traditional smartwatches, these will not come with a touchscreen. Nor will they show any pop notifications or allow you to access your phone apps.
However, these smartwatches are perfect for anyone who is looking to add a little bit of tech sophistication to old fashioned accessories.
This is because these watches can connect to your phone through Bluetooth. Through the connection, you will receive notifications via vibrations and alarms. Moreover, these watches can also be customized in any way you like.
Want to differentiate your notifications so you know when you get an important message? You can easily do that with these! These watches can be programmed to point their hands at specific times when you get notifications from someone specific.
So, whenever your watch starts pointing at 9 o’clock when it is bright out, you will know that your family is trying to get a hold of you!
These watches do not just combine analogue watches and touchscreens. Here, you will also find the top fitness features available. Whenever your blood pressures fluctuate more than normal or if you just completed your steps goal, your watch will vibrate to let you know.

Benefits of Smartwatches

Now that we have learnt about the different types of smartwatches, let’s talk about why people invest in one in the first place. What is so special about smartwatches? Here are some good things about smartwatches:

Check Your Notifications Whenever You Want

On the go? Do not have time to go pull out your devices to check your emails? You do not have to! With smartwatches you can easily access all your notifications in a matter of seconds. Depending on your settings, at times you will be able to see them pop up making it super easy to stay on top of all the things you need to know.

Keep Track Of Your Health

It does not matter whether you are a health pro or not. Smartwatches are always automatically keeping track of your health. These watches come with several sensors that measure the amount of steps taken or how fast your pulse is moving around your body. With the information that these devices offer, you are bound to make healthier life choices at all times.

Customize It However You Want

There is nothing better than turning to your wrist and having immediate access to all your favourite apps. Smartwatches allow users to customize their devices however they want. Want Spotify to be the first app you come across? Want a certain wallpaper or theme? You got it! These devices make sure that you have immediate access to any of the things you want.

Find Your Way Around The City

Another impressive feature of smartwatches is their built-in location and GPS services. Took a wrong turn and do not know where to go? Just tap on your wrist and find out! The GPS integrated in the smartwatch can help users accurately track their running or cycling experiences without having to keep a phone on you.

Disadvantages of Smartwatches

Smartwatches may have a lot of good things about them, but that does not mean they are perfect.

Lack of Exterior Design

The biggest problem with smartwatches is that they can all look the same at times. There is not a lot of customization that is available when it comes to how the watch looks from the outside. At most, you can change up the dial or straps.

Need For A Charger

All good technology needs to be charged every now and then. And that is a pretty big inconvenience. What is worse is that smartwatches may require daily charging depending on the model you choose to get.

Accurate Readings Mean You Keep It On At All Times

The best way you can keep track of your personal data accurately is by wearing it every day and night. If you do not end up doing that, you might have to recalibrate the watch every single time you put it on. No one wants to wear a watch all the time, but with smartwatches you do not have much of a choice.


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