OUKITEL RT8 Review: What Essential Elements Do A Perfect Outdoor Rugged Tablet Need?


To keep pace with the world of professionals, technology should be demanded of them and therefore outdoor rugged tablets have become an indispensable tool.

The Outdoor Rugged Tablets have been made to withstand harsh environments and rough handling making it a must-have tool in industries like construction, manufacturing, military, and field service.

This article covers the essential features of OUKITEL RT8 rugged tablet.

Durability Standards

We tend to look at only one thing when determining the strength of technology devices – build quality. RT8 rugged tablet is designed with an IP68 and IP69K rating for outdoor use, hence it features total dust protection and water jet proofing.


OUKITEL RT8 Rugged Tablets

Additionally, the RT8 complies with MIL-STD-810G/H guidelines which tackle diverse environmental scenarios such as impact, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and humidity levels.

The RT8’s superb drop resistance means that it can survive falls from about 4 to 6 feet above hard surfaces, indicating how much of a toughie the tablet actually is. The added weight might be a bother for some customers; however, it pales in comparison to having peace of mind that your device will endure.

In its essence, durability and resilience are emphasized by the RT8 so that it is a dependable selection among those who want their tablets to keep up with their dynamic lifestyles.


For rugged tablets, the RT8 has an 11”-2K screen that has a fine balance of clarity and durability.



Even though outdoor activities and content viewing are made enjoyable through high-resolution screens that present images and videos in sharp detail, but the RT8’s brightness of 500 nits ensures that visibility is maintained under direct sunlight as well, which is especially significant for this audience.

The RT8 rugged tablet has Gorilla Glass 5 to give peace of mind to those who use their tablets outdoors or in rough working environments. The capacitive or resistive-touch technology guarantees touchscreens stay sensitive even to gloved hands or when they get wet.

Performance and Connectivity

To maintain the battery for a long time, one must strike a balance between power consumption and performance.

The RT8 rugged tablet comes with a MediaTek Helio G9 chipset clocked at 2.2 GHz which uses advanced 6nm technology for better efficiency and performance. It’s an octa-core configuration that makes multitasking so fluid.

The RT8 is designed to withstand daily abuse. Notably, its main feature is an enormous 20,000mAh battery. It is not only about the size; this beast has always delivered more than enough charge for over a week under average usage and standby times of up to three months, which are very rare among tablets.

Further, the connection options available on the RT8 include reliable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as optional cellular LTE support.

Portability and Ergonomics

There is a lot to like about the RT8 tablet as it manages to strike a balance between sturdiness and comfort. Weighing just 996.7g, it feels light thus one can carry it for long periods without feeling tired. This makes this tablet very portable due to its small size which makes handling and operation simple.

The RT8 rugged tablet is designed in such a way that it can be used in various work-related places while offering an array of options for mounting and carrying. For example, by wearing over-the-shoulder straps (sold separately) you can have your hands free while carrying the pad case (Hayes 2014).

Ergonomic handles are provided for better grip and reduced chances of dropping the device hence enabling users to hold on to their tablets for long time intervals. In addition, customized mounts (sold separately) facilitate secure docking of tablets within vehicles such as cars, trucks, or even forklifts hence ensuring stability as well as accessibility during journeys.

Moreover, the RT8 rugged tablet has been made with an intuitive interface that is user-friendly despite harsh conditions. The button layout has been optimized to make them easily accessible including frequently used functions. The positioning of ports is strategic; these are covered using protective seals so that they withstand rough handling but remain with reachable connection alternatives.

Security and Data Protection

The RT8 rugged tablet has advanced security features that protect sensitive information and therefore is ideal for industries where data security is the utmost concern. TPM which stands for Trusted Platform Module chips is the main capability of the device in terms of security, it conducts cryptographic operations safely that can make a person sure that their tablet is secure and keeps off any unauthorized access to private information.

TPM also keeps encryption keys, certificates as well as passwords safe from both potential attackers and malware. RT8 rugged tablets may have fingerprint scanners or facial recognition technology.

The timely release of various patches like bug fixes, security patches and others provides a software support system for RT8 rugged tablet thereby updating it regularly. To maintain user’s data integrity and overall system integrity, always ensure an updated operating system.

In maintaining the user's data as well as the whole system’s integrity at large; it is very important to keep an up-to-date operating system running at all times. In this way, compatibility with new applications consistent with industry needs for safety and performance while guarding against known vulnerabilities or threats will be achieved.

Moreover, when not in use it should also have physical security mechanisms to deter theft or unauthorized entry. By utilizing its cable lock slot the tablet can be firmly locked using a compatible lock and cable into a permanent object making it difficult to steal from public places or even when left unattended.

It is important particularly for people who have to go away leaving their tablets in cars or offices or workstations in fields where they are based respectively.

Customization and Accessory Ecosystem

The modular design of the RT8 rugged tablet, however, allows it to customize itself according to different users and industries.

A barcode scanner for inventory management, retail operations, or logistics can be added or removed by the user at will thereby making the device highly changeable. The tablet on its part is designed to enable quick and efficient collection of data as well as tracking of inventory without necessarily relying on additional handhelds.

Also, an RFID reader module can be incorporated that allows asset tracking, access control, or supply chain management thus simplifying the identification and tracking of tagged items.

For instance, this tablet has the capability of expanding its connectivity by having more ports. Users therefore confidently add more modules that come with extra USB ports, Ethernet jacks, or serial ports depending on what peripherals they need to connect.

Additionally, these docks are available for confident people who must work in fields but may need to use a desk in their offices for docking purposes. Furthermore, they offer additional I/O ports while charging capabilities are also available and when it is not in use then one is assured of its safety.

The rugged cases have been made such that even when they protect against drops of dust and water they do not affect the normal functioning of the tab as well as access to all buttons and ports.

Specifically designed for harsh conditions again the RT8 rugged tablet hence mainly suits industrial military public safety outdoor environments among others where similar accessories are needed by the consumer with ease.
A perfect outdoor rugged tablet is durable and versatile at the same time. It is capable of surviving extreme conditions while still maintaining its performance capability and ease of use. And that’s where RT8 comes in handy. Regardless of location, hard-working professionals can always rely on their RT8 rugged tablets to stay connected and productive.


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