How to Clear Bluetooth Cache Android 13

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The Android Bluetooth app has more problems than just a few if we’re being frank. Google fails to recognize its discrepancies update after update. And now, the option is invisible or greyed out for a lot of users with the update to Android 13. First of all, make sure the device is disconnected. For some users, that will make the option active again if the device supports it (it depends on the manufacturer more than the operating system in some cases). Manually clearing the Bluetooth cache is important for the Bluetooth system app as turning Bluetooth off and on doesn’t work and restarting the device repeatedly is too much work. So today, we’re going to take a look at how to clear Bluetooth cache Android 13 the easy way.
The Bluetooth cache acts as an intermediate place that stores information related to connections via the use of Bluetooth in Android devices. Over time, this cache accumulates and uses valuable memory space on your device. The cache-clearing process will improve the performance of your device and provide you with extra storage space by deleting the Bluetooth cache.

What is Bluetooth Cache?

The Bluetooth cache is a short-term storage space in the device memory of your Android operating system where all information related to Bluetooth connections is stored. This data gives information regarding Bluetooth-connected devices, as well as settings or preferences for those connections. The cache makes it convenient to access ‘such information as the procedure of establishing a connection with Bluetooth devices.

Why Clear Bluetooth Cache?

The process of cleaning the Bluetooth cache can improve your device's performance and save memory space. Eventually, the cache accumulates and takes up some space on your device. Clearing the cache is also beneficial in solving Bluetooth issues such as slow connection or disconnect.

Android 13 Guide to Clearing Bluetooth Cache

To clear the Bluetooth cache on an Android 13 device, follow these steps:

    1. Select the Settings icon on your device
    2. Scroll down and select System.
    3. Tap on "Advanced."
    4. Tap on "Reset options."
    5. Press Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.
    6. Tap on "Reset settings."
    7. Click on “Reset settings” to confirm the resetting of settings.

It is worth noting that this will reset all Bluetooth configurations including paired devices and preferences. After cleaning the cache, you will need to reset your Bluetooth settings.

Clear Bluetooth Cache Oukitel Smartphone Android 13


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In the case of using an Oukitel phone running on the Android OS, deleting the Bluetooth cache is very much like clearing it in other cases. However, there are some additional steps you need to take:

    1. Navigate to the Settings app on your device.
    2. Below, tap on “System.”
    3. Tap on "Advanced."
    4. Tap on "Reset options."
    5. Click the Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.
    6. Tap on "Reset settings."
    7. If you would like to reset the settings, click ‘Reset Settings’.

Note that this will reset all your Bluetooth settings such as paired devices and preferences. The cache should once again be cleared in your Bluetooth settings.
On other Android devices, the steps to clear the Bluetooth cache may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and version of Android. However, the general process is almost the same as that noted above. If you don’t have an Oukitel smartphone, please consult your device or the internet to clear any Bluetooth cache.

Common Issues That Can be Resolved by Clearing the Bluetooth Cache

Here are some reasons why you’d want to clear the Bluetooth cache apart from developer issues (mainly with Low Energy peripherals):

    •  Connection Problems with Low Energy (LE) Bluetooth Devices: The Bluetooth connectivity of the LE device after update 13 on Android was a little bit difficult for a few users. The solution to this problem is that the Bluetooth cache should be cleaned.
    • Inability to Clear Bluetooth Cache: With the Android 13 update, a lot of people have complained that there is no way to delete the Bluetooth cache since this upgrade turns the icon grey after updating. This has led to failure in addressing the connectivity issues and other Bluetooth-related problems.
    • Intermittent Disconnects to Bluetooth Devices: From the point of update from Android to version 13, Bluetooth connections have been lost randomly by users. In case the problems with Bluetooth connectivity continue, clearing the cache becomes a viable option for troubleshooting.
    • Device Pairing and Reconnection Issues: Finally, since the Android 13 update many users have had difficulty pairing and reconnecting Bluetooth devices. Clearing the Bluetooth cache may help to address these pairing and reconnection issues.
    • General Bluetooth Functionality Problems: There have been numerous general Bluetooth functionalities issues as a result of the Android 13 update, including connection maintenance failure and an inability to complete essential tasks such as clearing cached connections. One way to address these issues could be clearing the cache.
With the knowledge of how to clear Bluetooth cache Android 13, you are ready to enhance your device’s functioning and free some storage space. Remember that this will remove all your Bluetooth settings and you’ll have to restore them after the cache has been deleted. If you are an Oukitel smartphone user, the process is almost similar to that described above plus a few extra steps.


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