How To Fix Phone Battery Draining Fast — Maximizing Your Phone's Battery Life

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In today’s world, our phones are a very important part of our everyday life. It holds almost all of our important information and provides us with constant entertainment either through social media apps or through games.
Nowadays, smartphones are just getting faster and better with new features popping up every few months. However, there is one problem that a lot of people continue to face which does not seem to have any fix yet: Your phone’s battery life.


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Perhaps the most frustrating things to deal with is a phone that has a terrible battery life. Imagine charging your phone the entire day, only for your charge to fall to 50% in an hour or so. Simply put, it is frustrating!
However, that does not mean you should go around trying to change your phone’s battery. There are ways you can fix that! To learn how to fix phone battery draining fast, you need to understand what is causing it in the first place.

What Is Causing Your Phone Battery To Drain That Fast?

There are plenty of problems you should look out for before you assume the worst. We recommend leaving your phone alone for a day or two to adjust to the changes listed below. This way you will be able to tell whether a solution worked out for you or didn’t.
Let’s see a couple of reasons and how to fix them:

Let Your Phone Charge Properly

Have you ever taken your phone off of charge before it was finished charging? It cannot be that big of a deal, can it? It will be if you do this continuously! Taking your phone off charge when it is still not done is a terrible practice that a lot of people have. This is also often complimented with people charging their phones when it is not needed.


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When you continue to add on to this poor habit, your battery’s life will degrade over time. This can easily be reversed by allowing your phone to charge completely before you taking it off.
Another terrible habit that people have is to let their phones die completely before putting it on charge. This can also ruin your battery life over time. So, try not to do that!

Lower Your Brightness

If you are someone who has their brightness almost all the way up all the time, then your battery life must be draining quickly. When you leave your brightness up high, your phone will be using more power to make up for that. In turn, your battery is going to start draining pretty quickly.
To solve that, simply lower the brightness whenever you can. You will also be doing your eyes a huge favour.

Turn Your Location Off

When you keep your phone’s location on, your phone is going to continue working in the background even when you are not using it. As you move through different parts of the city, your phone’s map is going to continue to keep updating itself. And in turn, this will end up using more of your battery.
To increase your battery life, try to keep your location services off. Turn them on only when necessary. You can also configure your apps’ permissions to limit them from using the location setting in the background.


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Get Rid Of The Background Apps

Do you remember going through your parents’ phone as they asked you to try and speed it up? The main reason their phones would be so slow is because they would have every app imaginable open in the background.
Because of that, these apps would keep eating away the battery life while slowing down the phone. To prevent that from draining your charging quickly, you should remove every app from the background when you are done using it.
If you already do this, and your battery still drains very quickly, then you should monitor how much battery each app is taking away. Go to your settings and take a look at which app requires a lot of energy to run. Spoiler alert: Many social media apps and games will be the culprit here.
Once you figure out which apps are draining your battery away, you can limit the time you spend on those. And before you know it, you’ll notice a huge contrast in your battery life.

Update Your Apps’ Notification Settings

Push notifications are great for providing a small summary about an app. From delivery apps telling you how far away your food is to WhatsApp messages popping up, these notifications are important.
However, not every app needs to inform you about things through push notifications. When you have too many notification alerts set, your battery will drain out pretty quickly. This can be fixed by simply limiting this through your settings. Just turn off push notifications for apps that do not need them.

Turn On Battery Saver

If all else fails, the next steps to increasing your battery life is to just limit how much power your phone uses. When you turn on battery saver, you will notice your phone becoming slower. However, in turn you will also notice that your battery life has increased substantially! Sadly, if none of the other solutions work, you will have to lose out on your phone’s speed.

Change the Battery

If battery saver also fails to do the trick, then there is a big chance that something is wrong with your phone’s battery. It does not have to come to this, however, the possibility of a faulty battery is always there.
This problem can be solved by going to a professional and getting your battery replaced. We suggest leaving this step till the very end. You never know which solution may work. If all else fails, then this will definitely solve all your worries.
However, before you go around changing the battery, make sure to get your phone checked by a professional. It is possible that you may not need to change your battery altogether.


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