Oukitel K9 Pro vs. Oukitel K15 Plus


The Oukitel K9 Pro has a larger display, better camera, and higher benchmark scores, while the Oukitel K15 Plus offers a more powerful battery, faster charging, and more storage options. The K9 Pro may be a better choice for gaming and multimedia viewing, while the K15 Plus is more suitable for extended battery life and everyday use.
Between these two options from Oukitel, everyone is bound to find the perfect device for them. This comparison guide is going to help you pick the best option for your needs according to your preferences. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it! We’ll begin with a quick comparison of the key highlights of both devices.

Oukitel K9 Pro vs. Oukitel K15 Plus: Key Highlights

For the majority of use cases, the K9 Pro is definitely a better choice. It has a better camera, overall better performance, better display, and also a better design. The battery life and price tag are aspects where the K15 Plus truly shines, while still offering a good baseline performance that can get the job done for most. If you’re not really after a good camera, high performance, and a powerful display, then the K15 Plus can be a good device for you.



Oukitel K9 Pro

  •  6.95-inch HD+ Incell Display
  •  13MP Main Camera
  •  Dual 4G Global Bands
  •  Helio A25 Octa-Core Processor
  •  4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
  •  5000mAh Battery

Oukitel K15 Plus

  •  6.52-inch Incell Water-drop HD+ Display
  •  13MP Wide Angle Sensor as Main Camera
  •  5MP AI-powered Selfie Camera
  •  MT6761 Quad-Core Processor
  •  10000mAh Battery
  •  3GB+32GB Expandable Storage (up to 256GB)
  •  3-choose-2 SIM Card Slot (nano + nano or nano + TF)
  •  NFC and Contactless Pay Support
  •  GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo Satellite Navigation Support
  •   Face and Finger ID Unlock Feature

Which One Should You Go For?

The choice depends on your needs. The Oukitel K9 has a larger 6.95-inch HD+ Incell display, while the K15 Plus features a 6.52-inch Incell Water-drop HD+ display. The display size is a very important consideration for many users, and if you’re one of them, then you’re going to love the K9 Pro.
Furthermore, the K9 Pro also features a better camera.
The performance is also better with the K9 Pro thanks to the better SoC. The K9 is equipped with a Helio A25 octa-core processor, while the K15 Plus features an MT6761 quad-core processor. While the A25 is indeed an entry-level chipset from early 2020, it does come with 8 ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores divided into two clusters. On the other hand, the Helio A22 MT6761 is an older chipset from 2018 with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores clocked at up to 2 GHz. The memory improves the performance further, with support for the LPDDR4X-1600 memory controller.
Both devices support dual 4G global bands so in terms of connectivity, you’re pretty much getting the same value for money.
Now, it’s the battery life where the K15 Plus truly shines, as we mentioned earlier. The K15 Plus stands out with a massive 10000mAh battery, while the K9 has a 5000mAh battery. This is simply a very large battery with a backup that will last you days more than the K9 Pro. The cheaper price justifies the lower performance, and the higher battery backup kind of makes up for it.
Popularly touted as the “World’s Favourite Big Battery Model,” the 10000mAh battery powers the 6.52” display of the K15 Plus for up to a whopping 774 hours (just standby). That’s 68 hours of phone calls, 54 hours of MP3 music, or 27 straight hours of online video-watching right there. The official page also makes a comparison between the K15 Plus and the iPhone 12. Across the board, the iPhone 12 is beaten fair and square across all four benchmarks.
You might think that the K15 Plus mainly works as a heavy-duty phone for when you need a companion for the outdoors or something. However, our testing and customer experiences have revealed a different story. The smartphone is snappy, fast, and quite well-equipped to handle the majority of everyday tasks. The unique combination of the hardware inside makes it an excellent performer across the board.
The display, though smaller than the K9 Pro’s display, is still immersive enough with a hole punch. The 720 x 1600 resolution on a 20:9 resolution looks absolutely stunning.
Overall, you should consider all these aspects and what’s more important to you. Doing that will make the decision much clearer. The bottom line is that the Oukitel K9 is suitable for users who prioritize a larger display and better performance, while the K15 Plus is a good choice for those who need an exceptionally long battery life and are conscious of the price difference.

The Bottom Line

The battle between the Oukitel K9 Pro and the Oukitel K15 Plus is all about your needs. For users looking for an elevated multimedia experience, the K9 Pro comes out on top with its larger 6.95-inch HD+ Incell display and an even more impressive 13MP main camera. Its operation is also admirable owing to the Helio A25 octa-core processor that makes it an ideal option for gaming and demanding operations.
In contrast, the K15 Plus stands out with its battery behemoth of 10000mAh. This gadget is targeted at users who value long battery life and would appreciate the cheap price. Indeed, the K15 Plus is equipped with a 6.52-inch Incell Water-drop HD+ display that still offers an excellent viewing experience, and its 13MP wide-angle main camera guarantees decent photography performance.
But if you are attracted to a bigger and brighter screen, better camera performance, and excellent processing capacity the Oukitel K9 Pro is your savior. Still, if a marathon battery life and an inexpensive price tag are all you care about then the Oukitel K15 Plus makes your dreams come true.
Basically, the K9 Pro is for those who require cutting-edge display quality and durability, while the K15 Plus addresses people looking to enhance their battery life without sacrificing important features. Think about what you want and whether it is an immersive visual experience or a long battery life, there is a good spot for Oukitel K9 Pro or the K15 Plus.


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