Oukitel OT6 vs OT5 – A Detailed Comparison

OT6 smart tablet

In the realm of smartphones, where change is a constant, Oukitel withstands the tide, dispensing sturdy devices, each version affirming novelty. A new name's popping up - The Oukitel OT series, with its crafty blend; performance meets design spiced with affordability. Displayed herein is an attempt to contrast two masterpieces from this series: Oukitel OT6 and OT5. Tailored to exude rich features for market satisfaction.
Every aspect gets surgically dissected - discrepancies in designs down to hiccups in performance just so you have all the facts before making that choice. Follow closely as we embark on an eye-opening expedition into what sets apart these contemporaries from the same household – Oukitel’s OT6 and OT5!

Design and Build Quality

For the unconventional, covet the Oukitel OT6. Its design? Singular! Feast your eyes on shades of purple, green, and even coffee. Measuring 246.1 x 162.8 x 9.6mm gives it a sleek yet comfy grip. Innovation meets style in vibrant hues! The weight of 553g adds a substantial feel, contributing to a robust and durable build.
Meanwhile, the Oukitel OT5 treads more subtly — think grey and blue palettes. Slimmer at 278.5 x 174 x 7.5mm, this number is for those rooting for minimalistic aesthetics and portability pack-in-one-device stories! Tipping to scales at a slightly heavier side than its counterpart—560g—to lend that premium feel when you hold it.

OT5 smart tablet


Any smartphone's vitality hinges on its processing power. It sets the pace, bridges efficiency, and sets performance standards. The driving force behind Oukitel OT6 is the RK3562 processor. It's a 2GHz clock frequency quad-core CPU beast! Its backbone rests on the Quad-core A53 framework, complemented by Mali G52 GPU graphics charm.
Say hello to 22nm technology - where performance meets energy conservation in perfect harmony. And there’s more! The embedded ARM G52 2EE GPU of the OT6 brings polished visuals and multitasking with earned ease onto the plate.
On the other hand, the Oukitel OT5 is packed with the MediaTek Helio G99 processor. It's an octa-core CPU that proudly struts a clock frequency peaking at 2.2GHz. The setup? Two 2.2 GHz Cortex-A76 cores for tasks needing muscle, and six 2 GHz Cortex-A55 cores for efficient power use. Crafted on nifty 6nm architecture, less power guzzling stands promised by OT5's processor. Add to it the Mali-G57 MC2 GPU; flawless gaming and multimedia sessions are yours.
The OT5's MediaTek Helio G99 processor seems to outdo with better clock frequency and advanced architecture — efficiency meets performance here, apparently! For its part, OT6 chuckles softly as it lounges comfortably armed with an RK3562 processor trying to strike gold by balancing power and efficiency for users' versatile demands.


Oukitel OT6 prides itself on 4GB RAM alongside a roomy 64GB internal storage. The favorite here is eMMC. Reliable? Check! Budget-friendly? You bet! But it doesn't stop at that. The expansive memory support system lets users shoot up their RAM to 16GB (smoother multitasking has you covered). Need more space for snazzy pics, videos, or apps? Gear up to include extra external storage of up to 1TB.
Taking a leap into the memory realm, Oukitel OT5 makes a thunderous entrance. Here's what it flaunts - an eye-popping 12GB RAM and a lavish 256GB internal storage (ROM). It operates on LPDDR4X RAM for top-speed performance. But there's more; it uses UFS (Universal Flash Storage) specs for its ROM, translating to lightning-fast data transfers. An external SD card support? That too, increasing your storage size up to 2TB!
Now, let's run the numbers between OT5 and OT6! OT5 leaves quite an impression with an all-out memory capacity display. Are we talking about high-demand tasks such as gaming or running apps galore? You are in luck with this sizable 12GB of RAM offering! And UFS included in ROM rolls out faster than ever data transfers for an absolutely smooth sailing user experience!


The heart of any device, the display, fuels visual experiences and usability. The Oukitel OT6 features a 10.1-inch HD screen, sporting an 800 x 1280-pixel resolution! With its standard 60Hz refresh rate, it meets viewing needs in routine tasks comfortably. Fine sharpness is a giveaway at 149 PPI while maintaining screen brightness at a decent 330 nits for assured visibility regardless of lighting variances. A generous area of 29312mm² paints a vast visual experience.


Oukitel OT6

Say hello to Oukitel OT5, with a massive 12-inch display that pops 1200 x 2000 pixels. An eye-catching screen-to-body ratio of an incredible 86% points towards slim bezels and enhanced viewing pleasure. What about details? At a pixel density of 195 PPI, the OT5 surely outshines the OT6. With brightness soaring over 300 nits, visibility is crystal-clear, even under glaring lights. Sporting an aspect ratio of 5:3 brings about balanced proportions on the screen while popping colors come alive through a contrast ratio of a hefty 1000:1!


Got a thing for snapshots? Or maybe video calls are your gig? The camera function reigns supreme in smartphones for users like you. The Oukitel OT6 sports a 2MP front-facing lens with GalaxyCore GC2355C sensor. Gifts you an aperture of F2.8, wide-angle goes up to 61.4°.
Then there's the main camera - a 5MP dynamo fitted out with an OV5648 sensor giving off an F2.0 aperture and opening up to a sweet 77° angle spot. You'll find diverse shooting modes on both, but wait, there's more! The go-getter main lens comes ready with LED flash for those tricky low-light spots around town! Put faith in its recording power, too, which stands at a solid 15FPS (front cam) and double that at 30FPS (main cam).
Oukitel OT5 overtakes OT6 in terms of camera specifics. Imagine capturing moments with an 8MP front camera - packing an OV8856 sensor, no less. You get an F2.2 aperture and a generous 83° wide angle, too! Now, enter the main camera with a robust stance at 16MP - armed with Samsung's S5K3P3SM sensor! Delivers the same aperture and slightly narrow, wide angle at 81°.
They both bring along a slew of shooting features – beauty mode, HDR, and even video captures at 1080P@30fps. Plus? The AF element present in the main camera ensures you don't lose focus while snapping away!

Battery Life

The Oukitel OT6 features a sturdy 8000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. Looking for efficiency? With a 4.4V voltage and a discharge coefficient of 0.5C (4A), it gets no better! The battery further boasts of a density ratio of 720, maintaining that weight-capacity balance. Expect up to 1250 hours of standby time, jive along to an incredible 18.7 hours of music playback, silently enjoy 16 hours of video time, or immerse into your gaming world for about 9.8 hours! A full charge will cost you just about four hours with its compatible power input at an easy-to-reach 10W.
Meanwhile, the Oukitel OT5 is powered by an impressive 11000mAh polymer battery. It's not just about the size, though. Standby time clocks in at a whopping 1200 hours! Enjoy music for 41 hours straight or watch videos non-stop for 11 hours. Phone calls? Make them for a solid 38 hours. Game on for endless fun of 14 continuous gaming hours and surf away online to your heart's content with up to a whopping 19 hours. The charging bit's fascinating, too - whizzing up to full capacity in just about 3.5 hours with a fast-charging force of sizzling 18W!


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