Oukitel WP10 World's First 5G King Battery Full-Screen Rugged Phone Launch Soon, Join Giveaway and Add to Cart Now!

Oukitel WP10 World's First 5G King Battery Full-Screen Rugged Phone Launch Soon, Join Giveaway and Add to Cart Now! - OUKITEL Store


Oukitel company has chosen Oukitel WP10 as the smartphone to lead their future lines of 5G devices. They are ultra-tough and ultra-rugged.They are droproof, shockproof and waterproof. These smartphones are built for the toughest terrains, industrial environments and extreme weather conditions. As the flagship phone, WP10 will continue the rugged features, but there are three more important highlights.

King Battery-8000mAh

We all know that 5g needs more energy than ever before. It seems that one of the purposes of Oukitel WP10 is built to meet the demand. Oukitel is already known for their leading technology in large battery capacities and it is obvious WP10 is not going to be an exception.Oukitel WP10 is equipped with a mega 8000mAh battery.You don’t have to worry about running out of battery while you are playing games or watching video.Leave the charger behind.What’s more,new power saving technology is also applied to ensure longer battery life.As the first king battery 5G king battery rugged phone, we really expect to see the battery performance.

King Display-- 6.67’’ FHD+ Hole Punch Display

A quality display matters in this day and age of smartphones and Oukitel is leaving no stone unturned to provide a good gaming and video-viewing experience for its customers. From the limited information on the page, WP10 will come with a 6.67’’ FHD+ hole punch display. This is one of the largest displays in the rugged phone market, and high-resolution full screen provides better view and more vivid color performance.


King Speed-- MediaTek 5G Chipset

The Oukitel WP10 comes with the MediaTek Dimensity 800 which uses advanced 7nm process technology to bring incredible Internet speed. It supports global mainstream frequency 4G and 5G bands. The most talked-about 5G network will supposedly be 10 times faster than the 4G network carrier. With 2.3GBp/s downloading and 1.2GBp/s uploading capacity, this network is here to save all the buffering time and make life convenient for its users. Naturally, the high-speed connection will enable one to download HD movies within seconds, enjoy a clear and uninterrupted live stream of 4K videos, online gaming experience, and much more. The Oukitel WP10 flagship rugged phone is also expected to support SA and NSA 5G/4G global band networks. The 5G NR modem provides full 2G-5G compatibility for added versatility. Equipped with an 8-core CPU including four big performance cores, this means faster games, faster app loading, and everything that needs big core muscle. It also supports 4K video shooting 30fps.

As a flagship 5G mobile phone, there are other highlights, such as camera and software functions. Overall, a very interesting rugged phone from OUKITEL with a king battery, king display and king 5G speed in the 5G era will surprise you. 


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Stay tuned to get our early bird price and release date.


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