The Best Smart Tablets for Kids – Top 8 Picks

OUKITEL OT6 Kids tablet with special protective case

Being a parent in this digital era is tough. Balancing your child's screen time with their learning can be challenging. Nowadays, there are many smart tablets for kids available. They promise both fun and education. But which one is the best for your kid?


OT6 Kids tablet for kids

In this guide, I'll share my journey of finding the perfect kid's tablet. I will divulge all insights and experiences along with analyzing each option closely.
So come on board! Let's together find the right blend of technology, learning, and entertainment for our children.

Review Methodology

I wanted to find the best kid's tablet. So, I began my quest in a methodical way. It was a mix of hands-on testing and deep research. My curiosity was high and so was my desire for finding the best device.
First, I looked into many children-friendly tablets. I studied their features and specs closely. Then I let kids test the tablets too. Their interaction with each device told me about its intuitiveness.
As a tech-savvy parent, I also dived into online reviews, expert views, and customer feedbacks. This gave me insights about actual user experiences. In this way, by combining methodologies, I could filter out marketing gimmicks. Finding the right balance became key - one between entertainment value, learning aspects and robustness in such smart devices for kids.
So, get ready! Let’s dive into what we've found through this exhaustive exploration!

8 of the Best Smart Tablets for Kids

After the thorough research, here are my top seven picks when it comes to smart tablets for kids:

1. OT6 Kids Smart Tablet for Kids

Meet OT6 Kids Smart Tablet - an enriching playground for young learners. It flaunts a 10.1-inch display and is encased in sturdy protection. More than amusing apps, it's a treasure-trove of education and fun! Parents can breathe easy with available controls to supervise activity and limit screen time.
Education sits at the heart of the OT6 Kids Tablet experience. Custom-made apps touch on mathematics, science, language arts, fueling all-round learning. Its rugged protective case is ready for any tumble or knock - making it a fine match for high-spirited little ones.


OUKITEL OT6 Kids with an edutainment app

Safety comes equipped via parental controls - offering watchful guidance during youthful digital forays. Regarding storage, it has a ROM storage of 64GB for storing files, music, photos, etc. Additionally, it has a base RAM storage of 4GB, and if that’s not enough, you can expand it by 12GB up to 16GB of RAM to Improve performance. Additionally, while performance is adequate, its battery life is better than its main competitors.


    ●  Educational prowess
    ●  Robust protective case
    ●  Effective parental controls
    ●  Pre-loaded educational apps
    ●  Budget-friendly pricing


    ●  Limited upgradeability for Android versions
    ●  Moderate battery life

2. 10th Generation Apple iPad

The advent of 2022 marked the Apple gala. The star? The iPad - its tenth generation model to be precise! Feast your eyes on the gorgeous 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display combined with the brute force of an A14 Bionic chip under its hood. Storage? We range from a sweet 64GB, all the way up to a whopping 256GB. Available in colors like silver, blue, pink and yellow.
Every aspect of this iPad screams versatility. Be it an exhilarating gaming session or editing an epic photo/video montage - it has you covered! And let's not skip on those App Store treasures! Battery life? An entire day without desperate hunts for charging ports!
A word of caution though: Its price tag may raise eyebrows for some, possibly perceived as expensive luxury not everyone can afford. Add to that the occasional heavy data user who might find its storage capacity slightly cramped!


    ●  Stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display
    ●  Power-packed A14 Bionic chip
    ●  Touch ID integration on the power button
    ●  Impressive all-day battery life
    ●  Versatility for diverse activities


    ●  Elevated price point
    ●  Limited storage capacity

3. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus plunges into the arena of cost-effective Android tablets. Known for robust performance, an eye-catching 11-inch screen, and Dolby Atmos speakers that grip your ears. Powered by a MediaTek Helio G90T processor with a hefty 7,700mAh battery as its shield—it stands strong as a tempting choice if you are in pursuit of an economical yet competent tablet.
As I journeyed through the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus exploration, I found myself impressed. The tablet brandishes itself with a razor-sharp 2K IPS display—injecting each visual with crispy freshness! Its sound game is equally strong; side-firing Dolby Atmos speakers drench users in dense audio flavors. A durable battery life adds to its allure—no more never-ending charging woes!
However, my personal venture wasn't all roses. When it came to software performance and updates—I had worries aplenty! The tablet ran on Android 12 promising security patches till May 2024—but sometime it can feel a little sluggish. Delayed updates and missing features created some user grumbling too—that's something worth noting!


    ●  Sharp 2K IPS display
    ●  Immersive Dolby Atmos speakers
    ●  Long-lasting 7,700mAh battery
    ●  Budget-friendly pricing
    ●  Good performance for the price


    ●  Software occasionally sluggish
    ●  Update policy perceived as lacking

4. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro (2021)

Navigating through kid-friendly tablets, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro (2021) rises as a tailored titan for our 6–12-year olds. With its shining armor of a 10.1-inch Full HD display, octa-core processor and luxurious 3GB RAM, this tablet assures sturdy performance.
An expandable storage up to a whopping 1TB paves way for boundless apps and never-ending content. Durable you ask? The tablet's slim Kid-Friendly Case cushions those unavoidable child play knocks and tumbles! Bonus: Amazon treats with an annual subscription to Kids+, adding endless assortment of apps, games, books, videos & educational content!
Our stellar feature - parental controls. Manage screen time limits. Filter content smoothly. Monitor your little one’s tablet activities seamlessly! And how about that remarkable two-year 'worry-free' guarantee from Amazon? Break it, lose it - they'll replace it at ZERO cost!
However, on the flip side of usage experience some features were questionable - we've seen better battery life elsewhere; occasional software lags that bogged down the flow; less impressive update policies need another look!


    ●  Comprehensive features for young users
    ●  Effective parental controls
    ●  Inclusive Kid-Friendly Case
    ●  1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription
    ●  2-year worry-free guarantee


    ●  Battery life falls short
    ●  Occasional software sluggishness

5. Xiaomi Redmi Pad SE

Standing tall on my hunt for that perfect smart tablet for kids is this gem - the Xiaomi Redmi Pad SE. With its intriguing set of specifications, it sure offers a tantalizing deal. Imagine a vast 11" FHD+ display alongside a refreshing 90Hz AdaptiveSync rate! A screen experience so immersive and smooth, all thanks to this Android marvel.
And, there's room for personality too! Available in three stylish shades - Green Mint, Graphite Gray or Lavender Purple, glammed up as per your pick. Overall, this tablet is quite robust with a Snapdragon 680 4G chipset at its core. Flexibility screams aloud with RAM options from 4GB to as much as 8GB coupled with spacious internal storage - talk about a hefty 128GB! And guess what? You can even push it up till an overwhelming 1TB.
An attractive multimedia bundle features an 8MP primary camera and a neat selfie one with a solid resolution of 5MP. Combine these elements with the massive battery power of 8000mAh; longevity isn't just an offer here; it gets delivered promptly!
Amidst streaming movies or taking care of light gaming needs, the Redmi Pad SE didn’t disappoint me at any point proving itself to be an affordable yet capable entertainer. There was, however noticeable software hiccups along the journey; sluggish performance complaints were quite common among users.


    ●  Expansive 11" FHD+ display
    ●  90Hz AdaptiveSync refresh rate
    ●  Multiple RAM and storage options
    ●  Competent camera setup
    ●  Budget-friendly pricing


    ●  Occasional sluggish software performance
    ●  Considerable alternatives for a seamless experience

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Setting the stage for tablet diversity is Samsung's Galaxy Tab A8 2022 release. The theatrics? Multiple sizes, varying specs. The star performer? Definitely the 10.5-inch model! With a screen of dazzling 1200 x 1920 pixels, an able-bodied 8MP rear camera and ever-ready 2GHz processor.
On performance night: standing ovation for up to 4GB RAM, applaudable internal storage of up to 128GB - amplified even further to a whopping full terabyte with a microSD card! Running on Android 11, with an upgrade pathway to Android 13, and fueled by a 7,040mAh battery, the Galaxy Tab A8 promises enduring performance.
What ramps up the device's multimedia experience? Quad speakers, bestowed with Dolby Atmos. They plunge users into spellbinding audio realms. All this comes wrapped in a sleek metal shell that shouts 'style', coupled with an ultrathin 6.9mm profile screaming 'portability.' That's not all! Samsung TV Plus is beautifully integrated to deliver free TV content swiftly. Connected by Wi-Fi or LTE, exactly as you prefer! And don't forget its Energy Star Certification stamp - a statement of energy efficiency devotion.


    ●  Diverse size options
    ●  Powerful processor and ample storage
    ●  Immersive audio experience
    ●  Sleek and portable design
    ●  Samsung TV Plus integration


    ●  Limited upgradeability for Android versions
    ●  Modest front-facing camera resolution

7. TCL Tab 10 5G

In my tablet quest, the TCL Tab 10 5G checks all boxes. A titan in tech and design, this gadget captivates and dazzles with a flashy 10.1-inch FHD display. Our senses are enthralled by the NXTVISION real-time image and video augmentations. It's no doubt that this feature catches your eye, invigorating just about any task you throw its way.
As I dug deeper, the sheer vitality of the massive 8000mAh battery amazed me! This tablet doesn't merely survive; it thrives, aiding an array of activities all through our day-long hustle bustle. The cherry on top? Stereo speakers for sound purists that create a surround audio environment, taking movies or gaming experience to an entirely fresh level.
Embrace swift, unwavering network performance with 5G connectivity in the mix. Juice up easily and quickly courtesy of an 18W charger and a USB Type-C 2.0 port. Running on Android 12 with the support of MediaTek Kompanio 800T processor, TCL Tab 10 5G offers a perfect balance between raw performance and efficacy.
Turning heads is its sleek design coupled with hefty internal storage - say hello to that smooth multitasking ride with a whopping 32GB space and over-the-top RAM at your disposal - all by itself! On the hunt for cost-effective yet packed-to-the brim tablet? Look no further than TCL Tab 10 5G - it truly stands as a tough contender!


    ●  Immersive FHD display
    ●  Powerful 8000mAh battery
    ●  Stereo speakers for enhanced audio
    ●  5G connectivity for fast performance
    ●  Sleek and stylish design


    ●  Limited internal storage (32GB)
    ●  Moderate RAM capacity (2GB)

8. Amazon Fire 7 (2022)

Digging into budget-friendly tablets landed me on Amazon Fire 7 (2022). Yes, the price tag is kind. Yes, it parades a 7-inch display, has a RAM size of 2GB and an internal storage that goes up to 32GB. Want more? A microSD card will stretch it to a staggering 1TB! It's adorned with the Fire OS 8 but still taps into Android 11 features including our much-beloved system-wide dark theme.
Noticed the USB-C port? Say goodbye to its forerunner - the micro-USB. Now, charging got more efficient! With a battery life spanning ten hours, you can give your charger some restful moments. On the flip side though is software sluggishness rearing up every now and then. And yes, there is no Google apps here - I foresee possible hurdles for some people there!


    ●  Affordable pricing
    ●  USB-C charging convenience
    ●  Extended 10-hour battery life
    ●  Impressive expandable storage
    ●  Fire OS 8 incorporating Android 11 features


    ●  Lack of Google apps
    ●  Occasional software sluggishness


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